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All the Equipment Required for Skydiving

Christian King / April 17, 2019

Are you an adventure lover and want to go for sky diving? You must have passion, bravery and the right equipment for this sport. Skydiving equipment is a set of safety equipment. It is a comprehensive kit that also includes a skydiving license and a logbook. An AAD air travel card is also a must while going for skydiving.

The person who wants to skydive at a dropzone of his choice needs the best skydiving gear. His basic gear equipment has a list of objects like the main parachute, reserve parachute, an AAD, an altimeter and a helmet.

A jumpsuit is also a part of the skydiving gear but it need not contained in the skydiving gear bag. One can buy fresh gear from the mall or opt for a good condition second hand.

It really depends on your choice of spending money. But owning a skydiving gear is great for enthusiasts and you can always find these best places to buy used skydiving gear. Let us learn about the details of this equipment:

  1.    A skydiving parachute

It is the most important equipment which is procured from the authentic seller. There are different sizes of parachutes available in the market. The experienced jumper may opt for a standard size.

parachute safetyAn amateur should select a largely sized parachute for safety purposes. A slightly bigger parachute will take some more time to reach the ground, but as you are new it is good to be safe than sorry.

In the skydiving bag, there must be a reserve parachute to deal with any mishappening. So, in case of any problem while falling one can switch over to the second or reserved parachute. It is placed in a rig. A rig is a container or a bag that is meant to accommodate both the parachutes and the AAD.

  1.    An AAD

When you go for skydiving, AAD (automatic activation device) is installed in the rig to deploy the reserve parachute. This is a monitoring device that will know the moment when there is a speedy freefall.

It will detect the non-working of the main parachute and cut the loop of the reserve parachute using an electric charge. For buying AAD, always go for the tried and tested brands.

  1.    A jumpsuit

A skydiver needs a jumpsuit for free fall. It is a safety gear that is worn for skydiving. It is an article of loose clothing designed for advanced flying. It is available in many colors and designs.

Skydivers wear it to have the best experience in flying. There are various jumpsuits for different purposes. The divers make a lot of formations in the sky. These jumpsuits make it easy and look fascinating. The array of colors make the formations look like flowers rotating in the sky.

For belly flying, these jumpsuits are fitted with booties. They help in efficient turns while in the middle of the sky. Some jackets are fitted with cameras to capture your wow moments while in the sky.

  1.    Skydiving Altimeter

The altimeter is a device which informs about the altitude. It tells the diver about his height. There is a trigger in the parachute AAD which is switched at a particular height.

This device is very useful as it tells the skydiver about the height at which he has to deploy the parachute. This is mandatory for a safe landing.

It is recommended that an amateur skydiver should wear an analog altimeter in his hand. It resembles a round watch whose dial indicates the altitude of the wearer. The other altimeter is a digital one which has numbers indicated in a digital format. It is a smaller version for experienced skydivers who want fewer burdens on their hands or body.

  1.    Goggles

Skydiving goggles are important for this sport. It is meant to protect the eyes of the skydiver at the time of freefall. It is a unique experience when you fall from the sky and capturing those moments with your open eyes is amazing.

Wearing goggles to protect your eyesThe speed at the time of freefall may go up to 120mph. this eye gear will protect you from any eye damage amidst the sky with such a high air pressure.

Sometimes tinted goggles are also chosen by some skydivers to shield themselves from the glare of the sun. They are comfortably worn over contact lenses and eyeglasses also.

  1.    Skydiving helmet

A sky diving helmet is not a necessity but it can be worn to protect you from hitting any hard surface while falling.

During freefall, you may stumble upon any cord and get hurt. So, the headgear will keep you safe. While skydiving, the helmet will keep the hair in position. So the girls with long hair should always opt for a helmet.

There are many shapes and sizes available for skydiving helmets. The best helmet should fit you nicely. The helmet may be fitted with a camera to record your beautiful moments. These will be for your memory keepsake. Also, a radio may also be attached to the helmet which will make it multifunctional.

Experienced skydivers are seen to use full face helmets. These cover the entire face and give a clear vision to the skydiver. During an accidental knock, this type of helmet will save the face and head.


With all the above-discussed equipment, there is a need to pack some snacks and a water bottle in our bag. For keeping your equipment and your wearing gear easily identifiable among others, place some stickers and labels. These will not only keep your equipment separated from others but also solve the problem of identity.

Putting your favorite stickers on your gear will distinguish you from other skydivers because everyone is similar when wearing the jumpsuit and a helmet. Also, keep a multi-tool handy in your gear such as Swiss army knife. You never know when you are in a need of any small knife or a bottle opener to celebrate.

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Signs You Probably Need Washer – Dryer Replacement or Repair?

Christian King / January 15, 2019

When you are using your home appliances daily, it so happens that over time with the constant wear and tear, the appliances deteriorate a bit. In such situations, it is very important, in fact, mandatory to get them checked by a professional so that a small problem won’t lead to a more prominent fixture in the appliance. If proper care is not taken and the signs are neglected, you are most likely to face the unnecessary burden of buying a new washer – dryer.

So here in this article, some of the signs have been mentioned that will guide you through the way of getting your washer – dryer fixed at the right time.

Washer and dryer in the laundry areaLeakage:

If recently,  you have started witnessing the sight of a flooded laundry room, then consider it as a red signal. It so happens that the extremely loaded tub or a connection that is loose gives rise to leakage. If you are using a washer – dryer for a long time, then there is a need to reduce the load of clothes, so that there is proper spinning. Apart from this, the hose might have a problem or the washer might be at risk. The last thing that you need to check is the tub. If there are cracks in the tub, then there is a need to hit the store and buy a new one.


If your washer – dryer is emitting a lot of noise, the chances are that it might need repair. But before doing that, take a glimpse of the clothes and if they are not distributed properly, then rearrange them. It so happens, that the clothes pile up on one side and clamps up one side of the appliance. This results in a lot of noise during spinning. Other than that, take a look at the motor once. There might be some fixture, or it just needs to be replaced. This can be confirmed by a technician.

Water not filling up properly:

If the washer – dryer is not filling up with the proper amount of water in some time, there might be some issue with the pipe. There might be something clogging up and restricting the waterway. Other than that, there might be an issue with the water faucet. Get it checked by an expert in this domain and then figure out a solution.

Drum won’t rotate:

If there is an obstruction in the rotation of the drum, but the dryer is functioning properly, it hints that there is some problem with the belt. With the constant wear and tear, the belt might have gotten worse in condition, or it has gotten loose. It is a small issue that can be fixed immediately by a handyman.

Dryer not heating up properly:

In most of the cases, it’s witnessed that the dryer keeps on rotating properly, but the heat option of the dryer does not work properly, and it does not heat up. For this purpose, check the heating elements of the dryer. Call a repair guy, as there might be some issue with the heating element that needs to be repaired or replaced.

A lot thud:

If your appliance is emitting the sound of a loud thud with every rotation, then it is time to get it checked by a professional. This problem generally occurs because of the belt issue. When there is a loud thud kind of a sound, it denotes that the belt is on the verge of breakage and has gotten loose. For this purpose, just get it checked and replaced by a repairman.

Problem with washing machineStoppage of washer dryer in between:

If the washer- dryer stops in the mid-cycle, this means that either you have loaded the tub a lot or you need to take out some of the clothes and rearrange them. Secondly, this might indicate that the dryer is heating up way too much. So, you need to check the ventilation, that might trap in the dust, and the ventilation won’t clear up. For this purpose, you need to open up the vents and clear off all the dirt, dust and grime and then rerun the washer – dryer.

In case, the ventilation is all clear, and there is nothing trapped in it, there might be an electrical issue, which can be resolved only by a professional. Those who don’t want to take the risk of DIY repair can look up for appliance service in Dallas, Texas and find the suitable repair service provider.

The appliance won’t start:

Modern day appliances have loads of smart options considering our security. If there is some problem with the startup of the dryer, the issue might be with the door sensor. Check the door sensor once, which is located at the bottom of the door. The door sensor will command the appliance that the door is not shut properly, and the appliance won’t start. This can be resolved at home by taking a look at the wiring of the sensor, which is utterly simple.

Movement of the appliance:

If along with the spins of your clothes, the appliance is moving along the place because of the vibration, then it means that there is some issue with your washer – dryer. In this electrical appliance, there should be the movement of clothes and the appliance is not supposed to move. This problem might be caused because of the heels and the level of the appliance.

Check the heels of the appliance and if they are on equal level or not. If you cannot figure out a problem, then get it checked immediately as this poses a lot of risks. With the movement of the appliance, there can be water all around the laundry room and even some electrical damage. Thus, get it replaced by a repairman immediately.

To conclude, it is really important to pay proper attention to your home appliances and if they have been there for too long, then get them replaced. New and new technology keeps entering the market from time to time.


The Civil Engineer’s Role in a Public Bidding

Christian King / December 3, 2018

The civil engineer usually carries the major load of the work during the bidding phase of an infrastructure project. State laws govern most of what must be done, and at times local ordinances or practices result in added restrictions. The work must take place within the framework of those regulations. At the same time, the desire to obtain good bid prices from qualified contractors will also govern the engineer’s activities during the bid phase. At times the engineer must instruct the owner in the rules of public bidding.

Bid bonds are a must for construction projectsFair Treatment of All Bidders is Essential in Public Bidding

The civil engineer’s job during the bid phase may be summarized as: Help the owner find the best contractor for the project at best possible price. This typically means having a good number of bidders (to keep prices competitive), but not having those bidders believed to be unqualified to do the work. It’s a difficult line to walk.

On a public bid, one bidder cannot be favored over another. So long as any contractor meets the qualifications for submitting a bid, that contractor must have access to all the information other potential bidders have. One of the engineer’s biggest mistakes would be to fail to be fair to a contractor thought to be undesirable yet who meets the minimum standards of qualifications.

Any contractor/bidder that believes the engineer has been biased can file a bid protest, slowing the project down, and cause the owner to have to make unpleasant decisions: accept the protest and re-do the bid, or deny the protest and face a lawsuit. Fair treatment of all bidders should avoid this. They key is not to hide things, intentionally or unintentionally, from potential bidders.

Documentation of Bid Phase Activities is a Must

Adequate documentation of the engineer’s bid phase activities is essential due to our litigious business environment. The following describes the major record-keeping requirements.

  • Advertisement: Prepare the Advertisement For Bids. Research State and local laws and regulations concerning: the timing of the advertisement, the correct media to advertise in, use of Plan Rooms allowable and desirable, any special language required to satisfy funding agencies or the client. File all correspondence relating to the advertisement, and a copy of it as well.
  • Handling Bidding Documents: An accurate list of those who received Bidding Documents must be prepared and maintained. This is for the purpose of sending out addenda and clarifications. If using an outside printing company to distribute bidding documents, make sure they have a system in place to record those who purchase bidding documents and that they give this to the engineer regularly. The Plan Holders List is a public document and should be provided to anyone who asks for it. Consider faxing a copy to all plan holders weekly. This is, so potential bidders know who their competition is.
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: The pre-bid meeting is happening more and more frequently. It has almost become standard practice. It is a convenient means to provide information to all bidders, as well as to receive questions in a way that all will hear. Conduct the pre-bid meeting with a set agenda.
  • Bidder Queries: Try to have all bidder queries be submitted in writing. Oral queries and responses are a problem when it comes to treating all bidders equally. When things are in writing, they are easier to document.
  • Addenda: Any answers to bidder queries that result in the need to change contract documents (drawings or specifications) will require an addendum to answer. Addenda must be in the correct form. See the sample(s) later in this handout. Answers to bidder queries that do not result in changes to contract documents can be made by a formal written response that is not an addenda—a simple clarification.

Timely Addressing Comments Will Result in Better Bids

The time allowed for bidders to review the bidding documents, obtain quotes from suppliers and subcontractors, measure the quantities of materials, and price all portions of the work is fairly small. A delay in answering the questions of potential bidders may result in the bidders having to include extra risk factors in the pricing. Thus the owner will have less likelihood of getting the best bid from the best contractor.

Always respond to bidder queries promptly, the same day whenever possible. The response should be in writing and sent to all parties who received bidding documents. An acceptable practice that reduces the paperwork burden but still results in timely response is to accumulate questions daily and issue one response to all questions for that day (or perhaps two days on a project that is not generating many questions during the bid phase).

“The best contractor for the project at best possible price” is a good goal to govern the civil engineer’s work during the bid phase. Timely and complete responses, fair treatment of all bidders, and full documentation of the work will help that to happen.

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How to Get Abs if You Love Carbs

Christian King / September 21, 2018

It is easy to get addicted to carbohydrates because they provide comfort when you are tired, stressed, or plain bored. And as easy as it is to fall in love with them, it is also easy to overeat and say “No” to them. That’s the power of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, it’s been put in a bad light for the past few decades.

Everything is big in Texas including this monster burgerAnd there is a good reason why. Carbohydrates are sources of energy. In the pre-industrial and pre-digital age, this food group had to take center stage with people working manual farming, fishing, and manufacturing jobs. People had the jobs to burn off the energy gained from eating carbohydrates, so every meal back then consisted of a dense carb source like rice, potato, corn, and wheat.

Carb-heavy meals back in the day may have been acceptable, but with the massive shift from physical to desk jobs, taking too much of this food group can lead to devastating consequences. Because desk jobs do not burn as much energy compared to manual labor, people now do not get to burn the energy that they get from eating carbs. In fact, people now do not need to eat lots of carbs if they are keeping desk jobs since they would need to sweat out for hours if they want to take carbs for every meal.

However, and this is why it gets tricky, our love affair with carbohydrates is hard to say goodbye to. Carbs provide a sense of comfort, that’s why even though many people do not need to take in too many carbs any longer, they still do because this food group can be unimaginable to put away from anyone’s diet.

What are carbs, by the way? This food group includes grains and sugar sources such as rice, potato, corn, wheat, fruits, vegetables, and unfortunately, lots of the chips and desserts that many people the world over enjoy.

If you have been working out with personal training in Dallas/Fort Worth and have been aiming to get your abs popping out, but, you cannot say “No” to carbs, what can you do? Do you clear our carbs from your diet completely? Thankfully, the answer to that is, “No.”

Here are some tips to help you get abs if you love carbs:

1. Go for high-quality carbs

We’ve mentioned that carbs include grains and sugar sources like rice, potato, corn, wheat, fruits, vegetables, and lots of the junk food sold in supermarkets. If you go for high-quality carbs, then you do not have any reason to worry. Eat sources that are closest to their natural form as much as possible. For example, opt to have boiled potatoes rather than potato chips; and choose cooked rice over rice crackers. These are some of the small changes that you can do to help you if you want to stay in great shape. Natural foods are easier to digest compared to manufactured foods, and they also do not bring with them unnecessary chemicals and calories that your body doesn’t need.

You need to exercise to achieve the body you want2. Measure your carb intake

It is easy to overeat on carbs because they are, well, yummy. You can have a nutritionist measure the number of carbs that you can safely eat on a day that won’t leave you packing on the pounds. Be strict in following the recommendations, because getting your abs to pop out takes discipline.

Carbohydrates are not as evil as is touted to be by many fitness gurus. They provide a good source of energy for you to sustain your workouts and work. However, it is easy to overeat on this food group, so you must make sure you stick with the recommended intake amount as suggested by your nutritionist.

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Celebrating Oktoberfest in Texas

Christian King / August 20, 2018

German immigrants figured prominently in settlement of early Texas. Consequently, many Texas towns and cities (e.g., Fredericksburg, Groen, Muenster, New Braunfels) bear German names and today a vibrant German culture in Texas continues to be celebrated with traditional festivals like Oktoberfest.

Fredericksburg OktoberfestTexas German History and Culture

In her article, “Hin’ nach Texas” (“Off to Texas”), published at the Houston Institute for Culture website, Sheena Oommen explains that many German immigrants were drawn to Texas. Due to the poor economic climate, social unrest and oppressive political conditions that existed in Germany present at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815.

According to “The German Settlements in Central Texas” found at the online version of the Texas State Historical Association’s Texas Almanac, a widely circulated 1832 letter written to a friend by one early German settler stirred considerable interest among Germans for seeking prosperity in Texas. Author of the letter, Friedrich Ernst, described Texas, then still a Mexican territory, as having rich, fertile soil, mild winters, abundant wildlife and as having a low cost of living. He added that it was only necessary to work three months a year to make a living in Texas, that there was unhampered freedom of religion and that since people could comfortably live off the bountiful land, there was no need for money.

By 1842, despite restrictive German government policies on immigration to foreign lands, the migration of significant numbers of Germans to Texas had begun to pick up considerable steam. By 1845, according to the Texas Almanac article, German settlers were arriving in Texas by the thousands. One of the largest early settlements was in New Braunfels, near present-day San Antonio.

Oktoberfest Fredericksburg, Texas

Present-day Fredericksburg, located about 70 miles north of San Antonio, was first settled by 120 German immigrants who arrived from New Braunfels in May 1846. Fredericksburg continues to celebrate a rich German heritage which makes the city home to one of the best Oktoberfest celebrations in the state. In fact, visitors to the official City of Fredericksburg website receive a hearty “Willkommen!” instead of the more common English greeting, “Welcome.” Those looking for a colorful, festive celebration of Oktoberfest 2010 Texas-style need look no further than picturesque Fredericksburg.

beer drinking during OktoberfestOktoberfest 2017 festivities in Fredericksburg kicked off October 6 and ran the entire weekend through October 8. The celebration centers on the downtown Marktplaz (Market Square). Visitors can expect traditional German music performances, delicious German food, arts & crafts exhibits and of course a traditional Oktoberfest Bier tent. Also, the festival will feature wines from the many area vineyards.

Visitors, both adult and children alike will find much to see and do in Fredericksburg during this 37th anniversary Oktoberfest-Texas celebration. Complete information and a schedule of activities can be found at the festival website.


Vehicle Safety – Learning from the Mistake of Others

Christian King / July 17, 2018

We can use the safety misfortunes of others to protect ourselves and learn from their mistakes. Let’s take a look at some common sense safety knowledge and some true-life examples of what can happen when they are ignored.

Behind the Wheel

When driving a vehicle, you need to give it your full attention.

January 2018 – A man goes to court this month for killing a woman and seriously injuring her young son. The Quebec man crashed head-on into the car carrying the two victims and speed was a factor. The man thought he was going 100km/h, but his odometer was in miles; he was traveling at 160 km/h when he lost control.

Texting while driving is a common cause of road accidentsWinter driving requires even greater concentration.

December 2017 – Highway 8 in New Brunswick was covered with snow on a Saturday morning, making it difficult to see where the lanes were. A school van hit the shoulder of the road before spinning into the path of a truck traveling in the oncoming lane of traffic. Seven students and a teacher were killed.

Keep your car equipped for survival during cold months.

January 2018 – A Colorado man and three boys ranging from five to nine years of age spent the night in a minivan when the vehicle got stuck in a snowdrift. They were driving home from a hockey tournament in a neighboring town and took a grid road home. When the sun rose, the man walked six kilometers to a farm for help.

Carjacking doesn’t just happen in the movies.

June 2007 – While traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway in south-eastern Ontario, a man was shot in the stomach during a carjacking. Police found him on the side of the highway. The man is expected to make a full recovery. In Winnipeg in October 2007, two teenage girls posed as police officers to carjack a pickup truck. They tied the victim’s hands and raided his pockets before taking off in the truck.

Do not leave children unattended in a vehicle.

January 2018 – On a blustery -20 C day in Calgary, a mother left her one-year-old twins locked in her car when she ran an older child into a doctor’s appointment. She returned 45 minutes later to find her vehicle surrounded by emergency personnel. The children were taken to hospital and are expected to make a full recovery from their frigid nightmare. A two-year-old Calgary girl wasn’t as fortunate in February 2017. Her mother left the girl and her older brother in a running Chevrolet Blazer while she ran an errand. The girl activated the power window button with her knee as she looked outside and her head got lodged in the window. She was later pronounced dead.
Bike light and fluorescent clothing are necessary when cycling at night

Cycling on the Road

Obey rules of the road when cycling.

September 2017 – At 6:30 AM, a man in Grande Prairie, Alberta, was riding his bicycle against oncoming traffic, a big no-no as you should go with the flow. To make matters worse, he was dressed in all black. He was hit by an oncoming vehicle and spent a week in the hospital.

Railway Crossing Safety

Railway crossings should be crossed with care.

January 2018 – A man was killed in Magog, Quebec when the front wheels of his motorized tricycle became caught in the tracks. A passerby tried unsuccessfully to pull the rider from the path of the oncoming train. The warning lights were functional at the crossing, and the train honked several times before the collision. The same day a car was struck by a train near Miramichi, New Brunswick, killing a young father and seriously injuring a two-year-old boy. The vehicle appears to have been stopped on the tracks when it was struck by the train. Investigations have been launched into both incidents.

Learn from the errors of other people to keep yourself safe.


Selling Your Car when It’s in the Brink of Repossession

Christian King / June 14, 2018

Consumers have the responsibility to look out for their own best interests and not depend on someone, or some business, to do it for them. This goes with any transaction, especially a car that one has fallen behind on.

When a person can no longer afford the vehicle she is driving; it is not uncommon that the car has sunken in value to an amount that is lower than the loan balance. This is common for any vehicle purchased with a loan that is greater than 42 months.

During such an event where repossession appears to be imminent, some will opt to forfeit the car to the lender to avoid any trouble. What would be better would be to sell the vehicle, and then pay off the difference. But this process involves more than just selling the car.

Selling a car you can no longer afford is better than get it repossessedHow to Execute a Private car Sale for a Vehicle with a Note

Selling a car privately involves a transfer of title. To do this, the lender must be paid off, or be informed that a sale is going to take place where the loan will be satisfied, but to satisfy the loan, the car has to be paid in full, which is not often possible through the sale alone.

To make up the difference, cash must be used. For those who do not have it, they must borrow money from a loved one or another lender. Believe it or not, this method saves more than not handling this before repossession.

Voluntary Auto Repossession Will Guarantee Collections

The reason that selling a car privately and then dealing with the difference is easier is that the dealer is going to get his money one way or another. So, if they sell it for $3,000 less, they do not mind because the previous owner (you) is on the hook for the difference between what is owed and what the car sold for. The car could sell for less for any number of reasons that could include cigarette burns in the seats, scratches on the dashboard, stains that won’t come out of the carpet, or a lot of mileage.

After the sale is executed, the dealership will likely assume that the client is not going to honor the loan, and rather than deal with him or her, the easier route would be to give it to their collections department. Either way, the money is going to be collected, but selling the car and taking responsibility will result in less damage to your credit, or even improving it if no payments were missed, because the loan will have been satisfied.

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Great Tips for Choosing Your Reception Songs

Christian King / April 9, 2018

Preparing for your wedding can be incredibly tough, especially if you are hands-on about the whole process. You do not only prepare for the ceremony, but you also have to think of the reception, food, guests, designs, clothing, and all the other preparations for the event. It can be difficult to manage your time, especially if you are juggling work while doing all these preparations.

One of the main overlooked features of the event is the choice of reception songs. Some couples may think of it the last minute and choose to use Spotify for the event. While this seems okay, what happens when you suddenly lose internet connection? What if your phone doesn’t work for that moment, for some reason? These are some of the things that you must think of, so cannot put the choice and quality of songs by the wayside. Also, if you have a lot of guests attending, you must be sure that your sounds are heard all throughout the venue. You don’t want guests at the back to feel out of place, with them struggling to listen to the songs.

Choosing wedding music need not be complicatedThere are many don’ts when choosing your reception songs, and these include the following:

1. Playing songs in the same genre

It will, for sure, bore the crowd if you choose to play songs along the same genre. Imagine listening to four hours of ‘80s music. It can be fun, but it can also feel repetitive. Therefore, you must be wise with picking your songs, and you must choose from a wide variety of genres. If you like ‘60s music, then mix it up. Do not go with ballads only, but also with rock, alternative, blues, and jazz. There are so many options to choose from.

It is even worse if you choose to play songs from just one or two artists. This event is not a live concert, where it is okay to listen to one artist for two hours. This event is your wedding, and music should complement the occasion. Therefore, there is no need for you to stick to a few artists for your reception songs. For sure, you have lots of favorite songs, so do not be afraid to mix them all up.

2. Playing songs that only one of you will like

This event is you and your partner’s wedding, and it is not all about you. Therefore, the choice of music must be made by you and your partner. Both of you must enjoy the songs being played on the event because it sets the mood of the occasion.

If you like, you can divide the event according to program order, and then you can choose which one picks songs for which program. You can also equally divide the number of songs that you choose, so both of you have a hand in the music choice.

If you have been looking for tips for choosing your reception songs, here are some of them:

1. Start slow

One of the best ways to pace the crowd into the event is to start slow. What this means is, you start with slow songs first (for example, with the ceremony and your first dance), and then you start easing through the modern and fast-paced songs. It is because, at the start of the event, you want people to focus on the ceremony and the little highlights of the wedding. Towards the end of the event, you want people to loosen up after they’ve had dinner and a few drinks. You want people to have a good time after all the formalities, so you now go with dance songs.

You cannot have upbeat songs throughout the event, because it will not set the tone for the audience. It will eventually sound monotonous, and you fail to mark “highlights” of your event. For sure, you want transitions in your program, and you want music to help out with that. By starting slow and by increasing the pace throughout the event, you set the mood for your wedding for the audience to enjoy.

Mix of upbeat and slow songs at the reception2. Don’t play too many loud songs

Of course, you want your guests to be still able to talk to each other even with wedding bands in New Jersey in the background. As mentioned in the previous tip, first, go with slow music, then you can end the event with some dance music. During dinner time, it is crucial to play songs that won’t overtake the event. You still want your guests to be able to interact with each other, without them having to struggle with how they hear one another. You want your guests to feel comfortable throughout the event, even with the music turned on.

An excellent way to check on this is to have a professional sound check before the event, so you can ensure that the music and sound levels are just the way you want them to be. You cannot just allow the supplier to do the checking for you, because you may have different choices on the level that’s right for you.

Choosing reception songs may appear challenging, but it should be a fun way to discover more about your partner. You may realize that you have shared songs that you both like, and you may find that your partner is great at singing after all.

Texas Fitness

Active People Winning Over Nutritional Hurdles

Christian King / February 28, 2018

Athletes are faced with lots of physical, mental, and emotional challenges day in and day out. Therefore, because of their work as physical in nature, they have to focus on high-quality nutrition. The problem for many athletes, though, is it is hard for them to balance the energy taken in and expended.

Getting ahead with balanced nutritionNutrition deficiency is one of the most pressing issues that athletes have to face every day. Especially for professional athletes, the likelihood of having a burnout is highly likely. Even amateur athletes who don’t train as hard as professional athletes even fall into the burnout trap. It is because of the stark difference between energy-in and energy-out; and if there is no balance between the two, any athlete cannot function to the best of his/her ability.

If you are an athlete and you are not sure if you are experiencing burnout, what are the symptoms that you must look out for? Here are the most common signs of exercise burnout:

1. Lack of energy: even though you know you have one day off in a week, you may still feel worn-out after all the rest that you’ve taken for yourself. When you train, you feel the soreness in your muscles that never seems to fade away. And when you carry weights, it seems they are too heavy for you. When you experience a general sense of malaise, it means you are experiencing burnout, and you need to rethink your training and nutrition.

2. Constipation: if you haven’t had problems with your digestion and you suddenly experience constipation, it is a sure sign that you may be experiencing an exercise burnout. Because your body now has to exert extra effort into making sure you feel good, energy is shifted from digestion to the other needs of your system.

Strength and endurance requires the right food3. Weight gain: it may sound counter-intuitive to gain weight when you are exercising too much. However, it is most often the case that you will experience weight gain when you don’t give yourself enough time to rest from exercise. It is because your body can only handle as much exercise, and if you go beyond that capacity, your body thinks you are in starvation mode. Therefore, instead of burning calories, your body tries to hold on to every bit of fat that can be carved out from the food you eat. You then end up gaining weight instead of losing when you over-exercise and under-eat.

4. Inability to sleep: when you are experiencing an exercise burnout, your body gets restless because it is unable to be at peace with all the stresses that you’ve subjected yourself to. Therefore, it is not uncommon to experience sleep disturbances like insomnia and broken sleep. If you have always enjoyed a healthy dose of sleep, and have been finding it difficult to sleep lately, you may be experiencing exercise burnout.

5. Mood swings: when something is wrong in your body system, all your hormones are also affected. Therefore, you will feel like you are suddenly short of fuse, the little things irritate you, and you tend to be negative about everything. It is acceptable to be this way when it is the time of the month, or when you are going through a rough stage in your life. However, if you suddenly feel these emotional changes without anything else happening in your life, then that may be a sign of exercise burnout. Because your endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones are in a low state at this point, these “feel good” hormones cannot get to you in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, you feel overwhelmed by everything, and what used to be okay now seems irritating to you.

If you’ve answered “Yes” to at least two of the signs mentioned above, then it is most likely that you have exercise burnout.

It can be challenging to get back up from this health roadblock, especially if you have a scheduled training or an upcoming competition. Put a focus on nutrition and rest if you want to feel better. High-quality diet and rest are the two factors that can help you recover from exercise burnout. If you only choose nutrition and keep on exercising, then you will not achieve the recovery that you have been looking for.

It All Starts with NutritionEating right could come from meal kit delivery

Apart from excellent rest where you will steer yourself away from stresses and training that may further exacerbate the problem, you must put a prime focus on nutrition. When you get to nourish your body correctly, you can overcome all the health hurdles that you are experiencing right now. Focus on eating clean and organic foods that can provide healing and nourishment for your body. Go with fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, grains, seafood, and lean meats. It is now also the right time to say your goodbyes to processed foods. When you are experiencing burnout, processed foods should not have any place in your diet.

However, in truth, it can be challenging to prepare meals at home when you are an athlete, more so if you do it for a living. An option would be to sign up for Diet to Go meal delivery that can cater to your needs. Just make sure to specify to the service provider what your goals and dietary restrictions are. By signing up for this service, you get to enjoy the full meal plans that you want while not sacrificing on downtime once you get home from training.


How to Dramatically Cut Your Driving Expenses

Christian King / February 2, 2018

As the price of gasoline and insurance skyrocket, everyone needs to cut driving expenses to stay competitive and liquid. Four major options can cut the driving expense budget and start you saving money quickly.

The biggest car expense is the gasolineGasoline

* Buy gasoline early in the morning or two hours after dark. The cold of the ground makes the gasoline denser, meaning more gasoline per dollar.

* Driving courteously. Quick starts and hard braking burn more gasoline than letting off one pedal and touching your foot to the floor before applying pressure to another pedal. The speed limit, or just a bit below, will produce better gas mileage.

* Empty your trunk and backseat. The least amount of excess weight in your car will require the least amount of gas to transport.

* Keep your tank full. This produces the least amount of gasoline evaporation breakdown in your tank, which causes poor fuel economy and reduced performance.

* Use cruise control every time possible. Although not recommended for mountainous regions, cruise control can save more than 7% of the gas used when driving manually.

* Use the correct grade of gasoline for your vehicle. Ensuring the proper burn of gasoline will produce the proper fuel economy.

Plan Ahead

* Plan excursions to include at least three stops. By combining trips for errands, you will burn less gasoline and time.

* Research rates for insurance before your policy expires. Getting a quote from another company will ping your credit report, but getting a better renewal quote from your current carrier will reduce your rates. Take advantage of longevity discounts by staying with the same company.

* Plan your maintenance. Proper maintenance of air filters, oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs and your gas tank will keep your automobile running at peak efficiency, reducing gasoline consumption and high ticket maintenance.

* Leave on time. By scheduling properly, you will not be in a hurry driving to or from any place. This will burn less gasoline.

* Go with the flow. Driving in stop and go traffic (in other words: rush hours) costs much more than highway driving with no stopping.

Driving Alternatives

* When possible, walk or bicycle to your destination. Not only is this cheaper, but it is also very good for your heart.

* Carpool. Sharing a ride cuts expenses and is good for the environment.

* Public transportation. Weigh the cost of driving to and from work in your car (including gasoline, insurance, and maintenance) against taking a little more time to get there.

* Stay home. For the first time, you have the green light to procrastinate. Rather than go to the grocery for one ingredient, cook something else. Tomorrow, go to the supermarket when you pick up your prescription.

Assessing What You can Afford

* If your car payment is taxing, consider refinancing your vehicle to lower your interest rate.

* When the combination of the car payment, gasoline, insurance, and maintenance are too high, consider trading your vehicle in on one that is more fuel efficient, lower priced and less expensive to insure.

* Consider your commute. Relocation may well be an investment in future savings. Cutting the cost of your commute can pay for relocation quickly and begin to net savings.

Employing as few as three of these expense cutting tips can help you start saving money. Driving does not have to break the bank!