Affordable Tactics on How to Speed Up Your Website

It is now easy for any business to set up the company’s website online. All you have to do is to sign up with a web-building site and a host, to finalize the design and content of your site, and to publish your official website. The digital age has made it possible for anyone to build their sites. If you are trained well with how it works, then you can make and publish your official website in as little as one week.

Younger audience tends to get impatient with slow website speedsHowever, quality of your site matters, especially when it comes to speed. Online users now don’t have the patience to wait for up to five seconds for a page to load. Imagine, five seconds is such a small window for anyone to expect; however, when you send that five seconds online, it is a long queue to wait. It is easy for people to click “Exit” once they get tired of waiting. And when you are online, every millisecond counts. You don’t want people to leave your site just because it is slow to load.

Speed is crucial when it comes to websites. Break The Web digital marketing rule states that there is no point curating excellent content and publishing breathtaking photos if it will take forever for the audience to view your work. Investing in the speed of your site can encourage more people to visit you.

When you search online, you will most likely come across promotions that advertise affordable ways to speed up your site. It can be surprising since there’s a promise of a 1,000% increase in your site speed at a fraction of the cost. It is too good to be true, yet many people send testimonials on how excellent the service is. But then again, when you try the service yourself, you realize that there are lots of information in the fine print that put you, the consumer, on the losing end.

Of course, anything that is too good to be real must be questioned, especially when there is investment involved. Your website is your only business card on the worldwide web, and so, you cannot go on going with a or site if you want to ensure your success. Investing in the quality of your website can go a long way. However, it does not come cheap.

If you don’t have lots of cash to spend and you want to speed up your website, what strategies can you use? It’s hard to break it to you, but you have to spend money if you want to increase the capability of your site. You cannot go on believing that you can pay an extra $5 a month and receive the best service. You need to set aside some of your operational money to make this happen.

Here are some affordable tactics that you can use to help speed up your website:

Better hosting services are determined by good reviews1. Consider switching hosts

If you are starting with your enterprise, for sure, you want to go with what’s the most affordable. Many hosting services online offer “great value” for “unlimited views”; however, that is not possible. To get “unlimited page views,” you need to invest thousands of dollars to make this happen. So, it is a big red flag for you if you come across these types of ads.

A reasonable price for hosting would be at least $30 a month for starters. This monthly price should be enough if you have at most 25,000 views a month. This price gives you high-quality hosting without compromising on speed. If there are services that offer $10 that promise a capacity of 100,000 views a month, steer away from these.

Some hosting services offer free trials that allow you to test the waters first. It is highly recommended for you to try these trials before you sign up for the service. You can even shop around and try as many services that you want until you get what you are looking for to deliver your needs.

2. Compress images and videos

Depending on the industry that you are in, photos and videos are perfect complements to any text article. Therefore, if you are running a website and you have a blog section (which is crucial to have these days, by the way), make sure that your photos and videos don’t take up so much storage space.

Before uploading your multimedia content, be sure to compress these files. There are many free services online that offer this. And if you don’t have the time to do it one-by-one, you can even install a plug-in on your site that allows you to have these multimedia files compressed all in one go automatically.

Having a website is essential for any business these days. However, quality is also necessary, especially when it comes to your site’s speed. Avoid losing customers just because of a slow-loading website. Invest in the quality of your site, and do not fret if you have to add this additional cost to your monthly bill. It is a worthy investment for the future.