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All the Equipment Required for Skydiving

Christian King / April 17, 2019

Are you an adventure lover and want to go for sky diving? You must have passion, bravery and the right equipment for this sport. Skydiving equipment is a set of safety equipment. It is a comprehensive kit that also includes a skydiving license and a logbook. An AAD air travel card is also a must while going for skydiving.

The person who wants to skydive at a dropzone of his choice needs the best skydiving gear. His basic gear equipment has a list of objects like the main parachute, reserve parachute, an AAD, an altimeter and a helmet.

A jumpsuit is also a part of the skydiving gear but it need not contained in the skydiving gear bag. One can buy fresh gear from the mall or opt for a good condition second hand.

It really depends on your choice of spending money. But owning a skydiving gear is great for enthusiasts and you can always find these best places to buy used skydiving gear. Let us learn about the details of this equipment:

  1.    A skydiving parachute

It is the most important equipment which is procured from the authentic seller. There are different sizes of parachutes available in the market. The experienced jumper may opt for a standard size.

parachute safetyAn amateur should select a largely sized parachute for safety purposes. A slightly bigger parachute will take some more time to reach the ground, but as you are new it is good to be safe than sorry.

In the skydiving bag, there must be a reserve parachute to deal with any mishappening. So, in case of any problem while falling one can switch over to the second or reserved parachute. It is placed in a rig. A rig is a container or a bag that is meant to accommodate both the parachutes and the AAD.

  1.    An AAD

When you go for skydiving, AAD (automatic activation device) is installed in the rig to deploy the reserve parachute. This is a monitoring device that will know the moment when there is a speedy freefall.

It will detect the non-working of the main parachute and cut the loop of the reserve parachute using an electric charge. For buying AAD, always go for the tried and tested brands.

  1.    A jumpsuit

A skydiver needs a jumpsuit for free fall. It is a safety gear that is worn for skydiving. It is an article of loose clothing designed for advanced flying. It is available in many colors and designs.

Skydivers wear it to have the best experience in flying. There are various jumpsuits for different purposes. The divers make a lot of formations in the sky. These jumpsuits make it easy and look fascinating. The array of colors make the formations look like flowers rotating in the sky.

For belly flying, these jumpsuits are fitted with booties. They help in efficient turns while in the middle of the sky. Some jackets are fitted with cameras to capture your wow moments while in the sky.

  1.    Skydiving Altimeter

The altimeter is a device which informs about the altitude. It tells the diver about his height. There is a trigger in the parachute AAD which is switched at a particular height.

This device is very useful as it tells the skydiver about the height at which he has to deploy the parachute. This is mandatory for a safe landing.

It is recommended that an amateur skydiver should wear an analog altimeter in his hand. It resembles a round watch whose dial indicates the altitude of the wearer. The other altimeter is a digital one which has numbers indicated in a digital format. It is a smaller version for experienced skydivers who want fewer burdens on their hands or body.

  1.    Goggles

Skydiving goggles are important for this sport. It is meant to protect the eyes of the skydiver at the time of freefall. It is a unique experience when you fall from the sky and capturing those moments with your open eyes is amazing.

Wearing goggles to protect your eyesThe speed at the time of freefall may go up to 120mph. this eye gear will protect you from any eye damage amidst the sky with such a high air pressure.

Sometimes tinted goggles are also chosen by some skydivers to shield themselves from the glare of the sun. They are comfortably worn over contact lenses and eyeglasses also.

  1.    Skydiving helmet

A sky diving helmet is not a necessity but it can be worn to protect you from hitting any hard surface while falling.

During freefall, you may stumble upon any cord and get hurt. So, the headgear will keep you safe. While skydiving, the helmet will keep the hair in position. So the girls with long hair should always opt for a helmet.

There are many shapes and sizes available for skydiving helmets. The best helmet should fit you nicely. The helmet may be fitted with a camera to record your beautiful moments. These will be for your memory keepsake. Also, a radio may also be attached to the helmet which will make it multifunctional.

Experienced skydivers are seen to use full face helmets. These cover the entire face and give a clear vision to the skydiver. During an accidental knock, this type of helmet will save the face and head.


With all the above-discussed equipment, there is a need to pack some snacks and a water bottle in our bag. For keeping your equipment and your wearing gear easily identifiable among others, place some stickers and labels. These will not only keep your equipment separated from others but also solve the problem of identity.

Putting your favorite stickers on your gear will distinguish you from other skydivers because everyone is similar when wearing the jumpsuit and a helmet. Also, keep a multi-tool handy in your gear such as Swiss army knife. You never know when you are in a need of any small knife or a bottle opener to celebrate.