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How to Get Abs if You Love Carbs

Christian King / September 21, 2018

It is easy to get addicted to carbohydrates because they provide comfort when you are tired, stressed, or plain bored. And as easy as it is to fall in love with them, it is also easy to overeat and say “No” to them. That’s the power of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, it’s been put in a bad light for the past few decades.

Everything is big in Texas including this monster burgerAnd there is a good reason why. Carbohydrates are sources of energy. In the pre-industrial and pre-digital age, this food group had to take center stage with people working manual farming, fishing, and manufacturing jobs. People had the jobs to burn off the energy gained from eating carbohydrates, so every meal back then consisted of a dense carb source like rice, potato, corn, and wheat.

Carb-heavy meals back in the day may have been acceptable, but with the massive shift from physical to desk jobs, taking too much of this food group can lead to devastating consequences. Because desk jobs do not burn as much energy compared to manual labor, people now do not get to burn the energy that they get from eating carbs. In fact, people now do not need to eat lots of carbs if they are keeping desk jobs since they would need to sweat out for hours if they want to take carbs for every meal.

However, and this is why it gets tricky, our love affair with carbohydrates is hard to say goodbye to. Carbs provide a sense of comfort, that’s why even though many people do not need to take in too many carbs any longer, they still do because this food group can be unimaginable to put away from anyone’s diet.

What are carbs, by the way? This food group includes grains and sugar sources such as rice, potato, corn, wheat, fruits, vegetables, and unfortunately, lots of the chips and desserts that many people the world over enjoy.

If you have been working out with personal training in Dallas/Fort Worth and have been aiming to get your abs popping out, but, you cannot say “No” to carbs, what can you do? Do you clear our carbs from your diet completely? Thankfully, the answer to that is, “No.”

Here are some tips to help you get abs if you love carbs:

1. Go for high-quality carbs

We’ve mentioned that carbs include grains and sugar sources like rice, potato, corn, wheat, fruits, vegetables, and lots of the junk food sold in supermarkets. If you go for high-quality carbs, then you do not have any reason to worry. Eat sources that are closest to their natural form as much as possible. For example, opt to have boiled potatoes rather than potato chips; and choose cooked rice over rice crackers. These are some of the small changes that you can do to help you if you want to stay in great shape. Natural foods are easier to digest compared to manufactured foods, and they also do not bring with them unnecessary chemicals and calories that your body doesn’t need.

You need to exercise to achieve the body you want2. Measure your carb intake

It is easy to overeat on carbs because they are, well, yummy. You can have a nutritionist measure the number of carbs that you can safely eat on a day that won’t leave you packing on the pounds. Be strict in following the recommendations, because getting your abs to pop out takes discipline.

Carbohydrates are not as evil as is touted to be by many fitness gurus. They provide a good source of energy for you to sustain your workouts and work. However, it is easy to overeat on this food group, so you must make sure you stick with the recommended intake amount as suggested by your nutritionist.