Seeking Ways to Fine-Tune Your Startup

Developing confidence is a vital part of becoming a successful businessperson. Highly confident people are more likely to achieve fulfillment and success compared to people who have lower confidence levels. In fact, research shows that confidence played a crucial role in our evolution as a species— a healthy dose of confidence allowed our ancestors to face uncertainties and overcome obstacles to survive, while their less confident counterparts were less likely to reproduce and survive in a hostile environment.

Confidence shown with a superhero pose in Grey's AnatomyIf you look at the countless self-help and motivational books by well-known authors, public speakers, people in business and young entrepreneurs, you’ll notice that they have one thing in common: they all emphasize the crucial role that self-confidence plays in achieving happiness and success. Samuel Johnson certainly understood the importance of self-esteem when he said that, “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” It’s been years since Johnson expressed this sentiment, yet the value of self-confidence is more significant than ever, especially in the context of today’s highly competitive world.

Our self-confidence also plays a huge role in ensuring that we are productive and efficient at all times. Having a positive self-image motivates us, increases our energy levels, and can drive us forward to embrace tasks, no matter how challenging the circumstances may be. It also provides us with the necessary determination and grit to pursue our NYC SEO goals and overcome problems.

Below are some of the ways how self-confidence boosts our productivity and overall well-being, especially for the startup founders among us:

1. Self-confidence allows us to adapt more easily to change

Confident people are more likely to be flexible enough to adapt to a rapidly-evolving environment. They are self-aware and are fully cognizant of their strengths and limitations, which in turn gives them the ability to decide quickly and act with grace under pressure. They are also more likely to speak up and voice their opinions, thus making it easy for them to ask for support or request adjustments to their workload, if necessary. Confident people are also more likely to capitalize on their achievements, and to use their past success as inspiration during difficult times.

2. Self-confidence allows us to resolve problems promptly

People with high levels of confidence and self-esteem are less likely to procrastinate or delay difficult tasks assigned to them. They are convinced of their ability to accomplish their work and are courageous enough to explore alternatives or come up with viable solutions when they encounter roadblocks.

3. Self-confidence allows us to learn from our mistakes

Genuinely confident people do not need to have their ego stroked; they know their strengths and weaknesses well enough to gracefully receive constructive criticism without taking it as a personal attack. As such, they can learn from their mistakes and move forward more quickly compared to people with low confidence levels.

4. Self-confidence improves our communication skills

As previously mentioned, people with a healthy self-image are generally better communicators and public speakers. They are assertive enough to present a contrary opinion, yet secure enough to concede whenever required. They often maintain an aura of openness and accessibility, which makes it easier for others to warm up and communicate with them. They are great negotiators and are typically eloquent enough to overcome objections and convince people.

Keeping calm in the middle of a business conflict5. Self-confidence allows us to settle conflicts

People with a healthy dose of self-confidence are diplomatic and make excellent mediators between two opposing parties. Confidence usually comes with a strong moral compass, which makes confident people great at resolving arguments and facilitating dialogue.

As you can see, all of the qualities listed above characterize a great leader in business and in life. Having self-confidence improves our ability to listen to the opinions of others and take constructive criticism without compromising our ideals and principles. It is why the best leaders are often the most confident ones. The lack of self-doubt makes them decisive in times of pressure. The benefits of having self-confidence are all-encompassing, in the sense that it allows us to:

• Have a better sense of self (who I am and what is important to me).
• Be more productive at work and home.
• Feel good about being able to get things done in all areas of life.
• Have a clear sense of purpose.
• Enjoy better health as a result of reduced stress levels.

Having a can-do attitude is especially important in times of personal stress and difficulty for startup owners. A strong sense of self-esteem and courage makes us resilient enough to recover and learn from failed relationships, missed opportunities, and other problems, without losing sight of our personal goals. The ability to listen and receive constructive criticism also allows us to build better relationships with our family, friends, and colleagues with differing personalities. With confidence, we can face life’s challenges head-on without fear or hesitation. With confidence, every startup can find success in the challenging world of business!