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Signs You Probably Need Washer – Dryer Replacement or Repair?

Christian King / January 15, 2019

When you are using your home appliances daily, it so happens that over time with the constant wear and tear, the appliances deteriorate a bit. In such situations, it is very important, in fact, mandatory to get them checked by a professional so that a small problem won’t lead to a more prominent fixture in the appliance. If proper care is not taken and the signs are neglected, you are most likely to face the unnecessary burden of buying a new washer – dryer.

So here in this article, some of the signs have been mentioned that will guide you through the way of getting your washer – dryer fixed at the right time.

Washer and dryer in the laundry areaLeakage:

If recently,  you have started witnessing the sight of a flooded laundry room, then consider it as a red signal. It so happens that the extremely loaded tub or a connection that is loose gives rise to leakage. If you are using a washer – dryer for a long time, then there is a need to reduce the load of clothes, so that there is proper spinning. Apart from this, the hose might have a problem or the washer might be at risk. The last thing that you need to check is the tub. If there are cracks in the tub, then there is a need to hit the store and buy a new one.


If your washer – dryer is emitting a lot of noise, the chances are that it might need repair. But before doing that, take a glimpse of the clothes and if they are not distributed properly, then rearrange them. It so happens, that the clothes pile up on one side and clamps up one side of the appliance. This results in a lot of noise during spinning. Other than that, take a look at the motor once. There might be some fixture, or it just needs to be replaced. This can be confirmed by a technician.

Water not filling up properly:

If the washer – dryer is not filling up with the proper amount of water in some time, there might be some issue with the pipe. There might be something clogging up and restricting the waterway. Other than that, there might be an issue with the water faucet. Get it checked by an expert in this domain and then figure out a solution.

Drum won’t rotate:

If there is an obstruction in the rotation of the drum, but the dryer is functioning properly, it hints that there is some problem with the belt. With the constant wear and tear, the belt might have gotten worse in condition, or it has gotten loose. It is a small issue that can be fixed immediately by a handyman.

Dryer not heating up properly:

In most of the cases, it’s witnessed that the dryer keeps on rotating properly, but the heat option of the dryer does not work properly, and it does not heat up. For this purpose, check the heating elements of the dryer. Call a repair guy, as there might be some issue with the heating element that needs to be repaired or replaced.

A lot thud:

If your appliance is emitting the sound of a loud thud with every rotation, then it is time to get it checked by a professional. This problem generally occurs because of the belt issue. When there is a loud thud kind of a sound, it denotes that the belt is on the verge of breakage and has gotten loose. For this purpose, just get it checked and replaced by a repairman.

Problem with washing machineStoppage of washer dryer in between:

If the washer- dryer stops in the mid-cycle, this means that either you have loaded the tub a lot or you need to take out some of the clothes and rearrange them. Secondly, this might indicate that the dryer is heating up way too much. So, you need to check the ventilation, that might trap in the dust, and the ventilation won’t clear up. For this purpose, you need to open up the vents and clear off all the dirt, dust and grime and then rerun the washer – dryer.

In case, the ventilation is all clear, and there is nothing trapped in it, there might be an electrical issue, which can be resolved only by a professional. Those who don’t want to take the risk of DIY repair can look up for appliance service in Dallas, Texas and find the suitable repair service provider.

The appliance won’t start:

Modern day appliances have loads of smart options considering our security. If there is some problem with the startup of the dryer, the issue might be with the door sensor. Check the door sensor once, which is located at the bottom of the door. The door sensor will command the appliance that the door is not shut properly, and the appliance won’t start. This can be resolved at home by taking a look at the wiring of the sensor, which is utterly simple.

Movement of the appliance:

If along with the spins of your clothes, the appliance is moving along the place because of the vibration, then it means that there is some issue with your washer – dryer. In this electrical appliance, there should be the movement of clothes and the appliance is not supposed to move. This problem might be caused because of the heels and the level of the appliance.

Check the heels of the appliance and if they are on equal level or not. If you cannot figure out a problem, then get it checked immediately as this poses a lot of risks. With the movement of the appliance, there can be water all around the laundry room and even some electrical damage. Thus, get it replaced by a repairman immediately.

To conclude, it is really important to pay proper attention to your home appliances and if they have been there for too long, then get them replaced. New and new technology keeps entering the market from time to time. The old appliance will make us shell out a large amount of money because of the problems coming up now and then. Then, with the advanced technology, you will be surer of the security and safety